Identity Theft Insurance

Instances of Identity Theft are on the rise, however, Insurance coverage can be purchased to protect you and provide peace of mind, should you become a victim of such a scam. Contact us for more information about this Insurance Coverage. We have Home Insurance products that include coverage for Identity Theft.

Those who have fallen victim to Identity Theft understand the impact this can have on their lives. The resulting damage often includes financial loss and serious damage to your credit rating. In addition to obtaining Insurance Coverage, we also recommend clients take other steps to reduce their exposure to this type of fraud. Contact our office to arrange an insurance consultation.

We also recommend that clients obtain a copy of their credit report to uncover any suspicious activity on their bank accounts or credit history. Credit reports can be obtained from Equifax or TransUnion.

Some direct Insurance providers and credit card companies attempt to sell you Identity Theft Coverage by claiming that they can provide you with Free Credit Repots by purchasing their insurance policy. Caliber Insurance Solutions is and Edmonton Insurance Broker that can show you how to obtain these reports, without purchasing an insurance policy.

Also beware of companies that tell you that they can "fix" your Credit Rating. Thees companies are usually fly-by-night operations or telephone scams.