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  • Our Vision

    We would like to introduce you to our company Caliber Insurance Solutions Ltd. Caliber was founded with the purpose of establishing a new brand of insurance and risk management in our industry. We approach our business with integrity and the understanding that clients want to be treated with respect. The longevity and sustainability of your business demands that you choose professional partners who can help you reach your goals and provide quick and professional response to your insurance needs. The long-term success of our business is driven by our philosophy that we earn our clients' business by responding to their needs. We have consistently demonstrated to clients that developing an insurance program with emphasis on proper insurance coverage, expertise, and service, for the right price, will guarantee long-term risk reduction and unnecessary future insurance costs. Caliber Insurance Solutions is 100% independently owned, and we are not obligated to any interests outside our organization. This allows us to work with your best interest in mind and provide uncompromised broker representation in the market place.

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    Our Mission

    It is our objective to improve the public perception of Insurance by demonstrating to clients that the combination of a well designed insurance program and a skillful and passionate broker can assist to protect and strengthen their overall business operations. When a client can realize the value in Caliber Insurance Solutions assisting them with satisfying contractual obligations, document management, claims management and loss control, it is at this point where our mission is realized. The success of Caliber Insurance Solutions is driven by a commitment to our philosophy that the true value of a broker is realized after sale of the policy, where the focus is on the management of the clientsÕ ongoing insurance needs. Caliber Insurance is focused on creative and innovative business practices resulting in sophisticated client management, strong ethical conduct and integrity. We have also created a work environment that promotes professionalism, accountability and enthusiasm. We look forward to a long-term business partnership!